Our Story

We are a family run business consisting of four sisters and our mum. Our boutique is located in the beautiful beachside suburb of Cronulla, in Sydney, Australia.  Growing up as one of six children (we have two younger brothers) we loved our birthdays as this was the time Mum would take us shopping for new clothes…OUR FAVOURITE THING!

We would look after them with so much care and lay them out neatly on our bed to admire. 

We became immersed in the excitement and joy that comes with owning a new piece of clothing.  Sneaking into each others wardrobes was a daily occurrence, it was awesome having four wardrobes to choose from.

Fashion has always been a love of ours, this passion started at a young age and it runs deep through our blood.

From Mum making her own clothes growing up, our beautiful Grandma being a knitting pro, our gorgeous Nanna always sewing us cute jumpers and our Great Aunty who was a seamstress. It was only natural that when Mum approached us in 2010 with the idea of venturing into a fashion boutique together, we would say ‘yes’ and we have loved every bit of it.

We strive to live for the good times, whether it’s letting your hair down on the weekend, taking a stroll in the afternoon after work or just making the most of any opportunity to embrace natures beauty and life’s priceless moments.

Life can get hectic at times but it shouldn’t stop you from looking and feeling your best! When you put on that pretty dress, gorgeous jacket or comfy jeans you really feel good. We believe that when you feel good in what you wear, then you will always look your best. We hope you love what we provide on our online store. We put a great deal of time and effort into choosing our styles and looks. We are thinking of all of you; the different body shapes, the different ages, the variety of skin tones and the various styles of girls/ladies. We aim to make sure our customers ('beauties' as we like to call you) can look and feel their best, because you deserve it!
Love the Dutchee Dutchee family.
Becca, Brig, Mum, Liv & G xx